Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - SEND   

Special Needs Index Magazine (SNIX)

The latest SNIX magazine is available to download:    Special Needs Index Magazine

If you would prefer to receive an e-mail copy directly, then please e-mail: 

localoffer@northamptonshire.gov.uk    and ask to be added to the SNIX mailing list. 

The Local Offer   
Samuels Christian Nursery is part of the Local Offer.
The Local Offer lists all the services available in Northamptonshire for children and young people (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities.
It also offers advice on Early Years, education, health, finances, community support services, independent living, social and leisure activities.

For more information about what is available through the Local Offer, click on this link:  The Local Offer

Information, Advice, Support Service for SEND in Northamptonshire

Special educational needs advice and support for parents (formerly NPPS).

For more information visit this link .

Alternatively, you can contact them by using their office helpline number 01604 364772 or by emailing them at contact@iassnorthants.co.uk .

Specialist Support Service for Autism and SEND   

The Specialist Support Service offers advice and support to children, young people, families, carers and a range of educational establishments for children with a wide range of special educational needs and/or autism, aged 0-19 years.

For more information about this Specialist Support Services click on this link.

20:20 Vision for SEND in Northamptonshire

The 20:20 Vision for SEND in Northamptonshire is a series of events which gather information to co-produce with children, young people and their parents the priorities for improving outcomes for the future. 

For more information about this Specialist Support Services click on this link

Sensory Impairment Service

All schools have a special needs co-ordinator (SENCO) who can support children who are hearing or visual impaired or are multi-sensory impaired. If a child requires further support, you can make a referral to the Sensory Impairment Service.

For more information about this Specialist Support Services click on this link

Special Needs Index (SNIX)   

The Special Needs Index (SNIX) is an electronic database of information about young people aged 0-25 who have a learning or physical disability or sensory impairment and who live in Northamptonshire.

What is the purpose of SNIX?

The SNIX database helps us to plan services for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

They compile a newsletter for all those registered with SNIX which provides information about special educational needs and disability services, resources, training, early years, groups, clubs and activities on a regular basis. 

To access the magazines and more information click on this link

Contact a Family

Birth to Five: Free Information Workshops for Families

Contact a Family are holding a series of welcoming and informative sessions for families who are concerned about their child’s development, and for those who have a disability or additional need. 

These free workshops are part of a grant to Contact a Family to help raise parent carers’ awareness about their Early Years entitlements. 

Find your nearest workshop here