Complaints Procedures   


We will seek to strive for the highest possible standard of care and support for staff, children and parents within Samuels Christian Nursery.

If any reason occurs for a complaint from staff or parents regarding any aspect of Samuels Nursery, the following stages should be followed:


1.    Initial discussion with the Nursery Manager (or Deputy Manager if not available)


2.    Referral to Samuels Trustees for further discussion:

                                        Contact:     John Ditchburn (Chair of Trustees)

                                                          C/O Broadmead Baptist Church,

                                                          Broadmead Avenue,


                                                          NN3 2QY

                                                          Tel:  01604 968310


    3.    Contact Ofsted National Complaints Helpline No:         0300 123 1231